Learn guitar, bass, drums, keys, sax, composing

Bachelor of Music (Performance) and 15 years of music teaching experience

Learn Blues, ‘50s ‘60s Rock'n'Roll, Retro Surf, Classical or Jazz

All ages and abilities welcome for private lessons

I just wanted to message you about how I decided (a while ago actually) to start taking music quite seriously now. I’m studying classical guitar at Vic now, so I just wanted to really thank you for teaching me and having a profound influence on my life. You taught me for 8 years all about blues, jazz, classical, rock and anything you or I were really interested in. I really admire your enthusiasm, dedication and skill for guitar, which I really inherited from you as my teacher at Kelburn School. Even though I concentrated on classical and now study classically you influenced me a great deal in all other styles and I’m still keen to bust out a guitar and have a jam at any opportunity! I never really properly thanked you so I thought I probably should.
— Laurence , Guitar Student
Matt taught both our children guitar, and also mentored them both as performers at different times in the primary school rock band. They loved him! He made learning guitar cool, not a chore! Matt knows what is required to get to the next level too. Both have kept their love of music going. My son has kept up guitar through college and also thanks to Matt’s tutoring has been ticking off his Trinity exams. Alex our daughter learnt guitar to support her singing and composition, and won a RockQuest song writing Award, in her last year at school, which required her to play guitar and sing. You couldn’t have a better teacher for students who have a natural love of music.
— Heather, Mother of Guitar Students
Matt taught me to play guitar from the time I was 7. He mentored me through exams and talent quests, while always keeping music fun. He even managed to get our school band into a music studio to record our own songs which was wicked. Matt’s passion for music is inspirational for me as a student.
— Alexandra, 13 y.o Guitar Student
Matt is a wonderful teacher who understood exactly how to motivate our son in a creative yet constructive manner. He was able to teach musicianship through balancing technique with a great choice of repertoire which was both appealing and appropriate for a budding teenage musician. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough.
— Amanda, Mother of Guitar Student